Personal Training Programs


One on one single session at the gym is only $120. At the comfort of your home a single session is $160.

On the first single session you will have A comprehensive history taken, a complete gait evaluation, movement assessment and realistic goal setting. With this, i will be able to tell you exactly how many more sessions you will need to reach your specific goals and to get he body ! and the level of fitness you always dreamed of.

If your goal is to lose weight, increase flexibility, improve your sports performance, improve your balance, correct your posture, or even get rid of pain, the first session will allow me to design a program that is going to absolutely change your life! I will give you a road map on what to do to make the changes you need to move better, and get a better body and a better life. if you decide not to get more sessions, at least you will know exactly what to do to go out and exercise on your own with more accuracy and confidence.

I will give you the motivation and encourage you to make the best decision of your life! ! Because of my personal training extensive experience and my scientific background, you will get so much value out of your session like you never ever had before.


Do you have a girlfriend, partner, spouse who needs to get in shape? Are you willing to make new friends and have tons of fun with your training buddies?

Then you will have so much fun when you feel the friendly competition if you share your personal training session with someone else. In my experience, my clients who train with somebody else have so much fun and get incredible results. Why? Because if you hang out with positive, energetic people who share your interests and goals makes you be more accountable, positive and consistent.

You get better results if you have fun while training PLUS you save money in the process.

Check out this amazing packages for semi-private personal training sessions just for YOU!


For 2 People is only $65 each

For more than 2 people please contact me