Why personal training?


Total Body Motion is based in San Francisco Bay Area, 16th Park Road Av. Burlingame Ca. 94010.

Adriana G Mireles, is a certified personal trainer whose mission is to inspire all to live fit and healthy. Her passion is to help you recover mobility and thus perform better whether your goal is loosing weight, tone and sculpt your body, play a sport, or just feel more energy and enjoy everyday life activities. Adriana’s commitment is to make your goal a reality through her fitness customized programs.

Build Muscle & Lose Fat through Strength Training

Total Body Motion will help you build muscle and lose fat through strength training. You’ll learn how to get stronger using weight lifting & body-weight exercises so you get the physique you want.

Why strength training?

More strength is more muscle and more muscle is more calories burned. Strength training lowers body fat, strengthens joints & bones, increases cardiovascular fitness and much more.

Your possibilities are endless: go from skinny to muscular, get stronger without getting bulky, build six pack abs, It doesn’t matter if you’re skinny, fat, teen, elder, man or woman as long as you’re ready to do what it takes.

Consistency Yields Results:  You won’t find get ripped quick schemes or a quick solution. Total Body Motion is about building the habits of exercising & eating healthy. Long lasting habits for permanent change, physically & mentally.

The promise of Adriana at Total Body Motion is to help you build muscle and lose fat though strength training and your physique will improve as a result of your training & diet.

I will keep you accountable and motivated!

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