Breathe to relax

Breathe to relax

Great article about learning to relax!

Relax by paying attention to your breathing. Get rid of stress with a quick course in breathing.

Do you often find yourself in situations that make you tense? Check out A crash course on breathing by Dr. Cobb, founder of Z health.

Also, information about how you can reset your brain and get rid of the stress of life.

Feeling stressed? Of course you are. You have too much on your plate, deadlines are looming, people are counting on you, and to top it all off, you still have holiday shopping to do. You are under a lot of pressure.

Deep breathing is a simple strategy for alleviating in-the-moment tension. When you feel anxious, your breath starts to get shorter, shallower, and more irregular. Taking three big breaths while being conscious of your belly expanding and contracting ignites your parasympathetic nervous system, which induces a relaxation response. You can do this while also lowering your shoulders, rotating your neck, or gently rolling your shoulders. Deep breathing also helps preempt stress symptoms.

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