Bare Foot Running on the Snow???

Bare Foot running is becoming popular in United States. Some people may think this is another fitness trend, but I think in general people are becoming more aware of being in touch with their bodies and nature. People want to be healthier and mobile. As we can see, many people are now eating organic foods and approaching a more holistic and natural way of life. Bare foot running is another way for us to recover this sort of natural lifestyle and a way to become more comfortable in our skin. As an example, check out this link to see what people are doing in Boulder Co.

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Created by Adriana G Mireles, personal trainer in San Mateo, Ca. whose mission is to inspire all to live fit and healthy. Her passion is to help you recover mobility and thus perform better whether your goal is loosing weight, tone and sculpt your body, play a sport, or just feel more energy and enjoy everyday life activities. Adriana’s commitment is to make your goal a reality through her fitness customized programs.

Build Muscle & Lose Fat through Strength Training

Total Body Motion will help you build muscle and lose fat through strength training. You’ll learn o how to get stronger using weight lifting & body-weight exercises so you get the physique you want.

Why strength training?

Because more strength is more muscle and more muscle is more calories burned. Strength training lowers body fat, strengthens joints & bones, increases cardiovascular fitness and much more.

Your possibilities are endless: go from skinny to muscular, get stronger without getting bulky, build six pack abs, It doesn’t matter if you’re skinny, fat, teen, elder, man or woman as long as you’re ready to do what it takes.

Strength training is hard work. You won’t find get ripped quick schemes on this site. Total Body Motion is about building the habits of exercising & eating healthy. Long lasting habits for permanent change, physically & mentally.

Although the promise of Adriana at Total Body Motion is to help you build muscle and lose fat though strength training and although your physique will improve as a result of your training & diet, Total Body Motion is not a bodybuilding website.

  • It’s not about looking strong without being strong
  • It’s also not about training 6x week to isolate each muscle
  • And it’s absolutely not about counting on supplements to do the job

Too Much Sitting Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

I am always trying to encourage you to get off your butt during those long days when you sit all day long. I always insist that the two or three hours of amazing, high energy expenditure workout with me does not make it up for those sedentary 112 weekly hours you stay either watching TV, driving your car, eating your meals, working on your computer, or simply being hedonistic and indulging yourself playing video games, having your nails done, getting a haircut, coloring your hair, chatting with your friends, going to the bathroom, (unless you go pee Italian standing style) etc. How many other “activities” of your every day life can you think of you stay sitting???  Doing laundry or the dishes is not the same it used to be because we live in an automated society and we have all the devices and machines to do the chores for us. We also have another 56 hours a week (at 8 hr per day) of sleeping which could be very beneficial if we actually went to bed early instead of watching the late night show. Anyway, I can not reinvent the wheel neither I can write better than the amazing articles I find at reliable websites. Please stop being in denial and get the scary data and useful advice from the following article.